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          Bayrampaşa Machinery Foreign Trade. Co.Ltd. (Bayrampaşa Istanbul) in 1984, making garments and knitwear flat knitting machines and the purchase and sale after importation is continuing its commercial activities. 59 with the Chamber of Commerce of Machinery and Equipment 819 851 are registered with the register of occupational groups. Including domestic and overseas buying and selling foreign realizes worldwide.
          Turkey in the SME and micro-scale trades workforce development, increase employment opportunities, to support their export-oriented activities and equipment for this purpose - it is to ensure the supply of spare parts and equipment related to them. Also in our country, sales network of Dawei brand (Russia -Afganis from -Azerbaijan - Bulgarian-Algeria-Morocco-Georgia-Iraq -Iran: Egypt is Moldavian-Pakistani Romania - Syria -Tunus - Turkmenistan - Ukraine-Greece) our country profits with contributions will allow the development and to provide foreign currency inflows. These activities result in the number of our employees in one year and remove 25 further strengthen our capital structure is indirectly contributing to employment and textile industry. 200 on an annual basis in the second-hand machine, we are the distributor is still in Dawei brand, we aim to achieve sales in the 300-400 machines per year. All in order to make them abroad or participating in textile machinery equipment exhibition to be held in our overseas sales network developers to take measures.
          SME and micro-sized businesses to start operations and to ensure the continuity of supply to the appropriate machine. That may occur in relation to the supplied equipment financing problems, with support equity in the collateral. The company to provide support to SMEs in the SME status and non-status companies to facilitate on-site support us and to provide your bank before payment alternatives. This situation contributes to the development of the industry as a result and the company aims to become the leading company in the sector and engines.
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